ACM Broking takes pride in providing a personal service to our clients. We are totally committed to quality service and establishing long-term relationships, with all our clients.

Because of complexities and concern over policy coverage, we at ACM provide a plain English view of Insurance and where possible eradicate 'Insurance speak' or jargon

Cover and insurance solutions can be arranged for start-up companies to multi-national companies. Global insurance programmes are also catered for.

After you make the initial approach to us, your file is allocated to a dedicated handler, chosen from our key personnel. Whilst all our staff are able and willing to assist you at any time, this dedicated handler will oversee your portfolio and on most occasions handle your insurance themselves. They will, when appropriate, be available to visit you and assist with form filling and discuss your insurance needs.

Our remit is to provide:

  • A proactive approach to Risk and Management of Risk
  • Insurance solutions tailored to client needs or requirements
  • A safety net, by way of implementing the correct insurance contract to negate financial loss
  • An extension to your business, thereby complimenting you and not being a hindrance
  • Professional, skilled and courteous employee workforce
  • Bespoke client documentation
  • Regular review of your insurance programme

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