Claim Checklist

What to do in the event of a Motor accident

  • You must stop if the incident involves injury to any person or certain animals, or when other vehicles or roadside properties are damaged.
  • You must provide your date of birth, name, contact numbers, registration, make and model of vehicle, registered owner and policy number if possible.
  • Take a careful note of the date and time of the incident along with weather conditions and road markings etc.
  • Take name, contact numbers, address, vehicle details, Insurer and policy number details from all third parties involved in the incident
  • Note all details of injury to drivers or passengers.
  • Note contact details of any witness to the incident.
  • Note name, reference and contact numbers for any attending police. If no police present but injury occurs you must report the incident to the police immediately.

What to do in the event of a Property Claim

  • Note the time and date of the loss or damage including how and where the occurrence took place.
  • Note the name, reference and contact details if police are present.
  • If another Insurer covers the property provide their details.

What to do in the event of a Liability Claim

  • Note the date, time, place and how the incident occurred, along with names of witnesses.
  • Obtain the name, contact details and date of birth of the injured party and if possible the precise nature of damage or injury.
  • If damage is to property obtain an estimate for the cost of repairs.

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