Risk can be managed and controlled but not completely eliminated.

When a loss occurs, it is never easy to recover. Whether personal, professional, a fire or theft is a disaster. The policies we will recommend to you will be bespoke. No two programmes are ever the same.

Similarly, no two claims are ever the same. Whilst no insurance policy can cover every eventuality, our aim is that our clients will already know whether or not a claim is covered because the risk will have been measured and discussed at inception.

Claims Process

With the introduction of Call Centre type or telephone based response units, the need to complete an incident report form is fast disappearing with the advent of claims data capture via telephone call.

However some insurers continue unaffected insisting on form completion.

Our claims department will endeavour to ease the burden and unnecessary delays by:

  • Assisting you with claims reporting
  • Advice and guidance throughout the course of the claim
  • Vet and establish what will be required by the insurer concerned
  • Appointment of external service providers, such as Uninsured Loss Recovery companies, whom will act on your behalf to pursue recovery of any out of pocket expenses i.e. policy excess to compensation for personal injury
  • Monitor, review and conclude your claim to a satisfactory end
  • Where possible negate any load or premium increase subsequent to the insured event.

In the event of a claim, please notify us immediately.